I love spring flowers.  I also love flowers I've received as gifts.  Today's photos are a combination of shots I took around my yard.  I'm trying different aperture settings, still messing around with light and shadows, and playing around with the bells and whistles on my camera.  

The first two photos are of a desert hibiscus bud taken early in the morning.  The hibiscus blooms prolifically, every day new buds emerge from the pod and a few hours later the buds open and sing their glory all day. Then at night they close and have dropped to the ground by the next morning when the process begins again.  

The next two photos were taken a few hours later when the buds opened.  

I am also fascinated with the way roses go through their life cycle.  So, I followed one of my Tiffany roses as it budded, bloomed, and died.  By the way, if you have never smelled a Tiffany rose, you should.  They are the most vibrant scented of any rose I've ever had.  A single bloom brought into the house fills the room with its aroma.  

 Finally, my oldest son gave me a dozen creamy white roses for Mother's Day, and they have opened into a glorious bouquet.  The opening of one stem in particular takes my breath away, and I captured the unfolding to share with you.  


fabulous shots. I wanted to lean in and smell the roses.

May 16, 2013 at 11:12 AM  

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